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Hardback book of The Secret Museum by Molly Oldfield
Hardback copy of Wonders of the World's Museums by Molly Oldfield
Hardback book of Natural Wonders of the World by Molly Oldfield
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Hello! I’m Molly Oldfield, and I’m a writer. I studied History at Oxford before becoming a QI elf, writing questions for the BBC quiz show, researching lots of books, a radio show called The Museum of Curiosity and writing a weekly column in The Saturday Telegraph.

One day the fish curators at the Natural History Museum invited me to go and look behind the scenes at their enormous collection of fish. I discovered 99% of a museum’s collection never goes on show. Realising that what you see in the public galleries of a museum are just the tip of the iceberg I set off on an adventure to dive deep into the hidden realms of museums around the world. I spent two years delving into huge warehouses, secret basements and aircraft hangars to find stories for The Secret Museum, a book about all the things that are in museums that rarely, if ever go on display.

My next book  Wonders of the World’s Museums is for children. Instead of the things you can’t see in museums around the world, this beautifully illustrated book, filled with great photographs is filled with things you can see! It tells the stories of interesting artefacts on show in the world’s best museums and is filled with tales of adventure, invention and exploration to inspire and entertain children.

My third book Natural Wonders of the World is filled with beautiful
photographs and interesting facts about our planet. There are beautiful wild places and interesting creatures galore; from firefly squid, to a cave filled with crystals; from the most electric place on earth, to the brilliant dances and displays of the Birds of Paradise. I hope you will learn all about our beautiful world, and be inspired to think about ways we can take care of our home.

I make a podcast called Everything Under The Sun for children big and small. When my first children’s book was published a friend’s daughter went to see the Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum. When she gazed up at the magnificent creature, now named Hope, diving through the museum’s enormous hall, she had a question - can blue whales talk to killer whales? decided to find out. She loved the answer I sent her and the podcast was born!

Everything Under The Sun won a bronze award for Best Family Podcast at the British Podcast Awards, went into the family apple podcast charts at number 1 when it launched and is also going to be a book! Everything Under The Sun - A Year Of Curious Questions will contain 365 children's questions, plus one for a leap year, each one is answered either by me or by a brilliant expert. It will be a beautiful celebration of children's curiosity. Illustrated by twelve artists! The publication date is September 2021 and the publisher is Ladybird (Penguin Random House).


If you have a question that you would me to answer, do send it into the show!

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