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  • Molly Oldfield

Listen to season 5 of Everything Under the Sun today!

We are pleased to be returning for our fifth season - back due to popular demand! If you haven't seen already, our first five episodes are already live. Tune in to hear:

  • Julia Samuel telling us how many emotions there are

  • Juli Berwald talking about jellyfish

  • Ilona Regulski from the British Museum explaining how we understand hieroglyphics

  • Gavin Broad from the Natural History Museum proving that insects are good for the planet

  • Gareth Peter giving a history of the rainbow pride flag

Plus lots more brilliant questions answered by host Molly Oldfield.

Listen today, and don't forget to send in any of your kids' own curious questions for a chance to be featured on the show.

Book News

Thank you for all of the questions that have been sent in so far for my second book: Everywhere Under the Sun

My second book has a more global focus than the first one. So, I need your questions from and about everywhere around the world!

If your little ones have any questions about different cultures, places, customs, countries, politics, people, festivals... then please do send them in! We'd love to include them in the next book!

Click here to learn more about my new book and send a question in!

Guardian Kid's Quiz

For even more answers to kid's questions, check out my Kid's Quiz in the Guardian! I answer 5 new questions from curious children every Saturday.

Recent questions include: "Can cats see the same things as humans can?" and "Can a tree grow so high it reaches space?" You can find the quiz online here or in your paper copy of the Guardian!

Social Media Videos

As the new season gets firmly underway, we'd love for you to send in videos of your questions if you'd like to see them on our Everything Under the Sun Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you've been following our social media you'll know that we love to share videos of our listeners asking all sorts of amazing questions. Here's a recently posted video of Bea, an 8-year-old listener who wanted to know 'How can we understand hieroglyphics?'.

Bea's brilliant question was answered on the third episode of our new season, and was answered by Ilona Regulski, the curator of Egyptian written culture at the British Museum!

If your little one has ever sent in a question to be answered on the podcast and you’d be happy for us to share it on our social media accounts, we’d love for you to send a video of them asking it to

All you’d need to do would be to film a video in landscape mode of your little one stating their name, age, where they’re from and asking their question and send it to us via wetransfer or dropbox - we’ll let you know as soon as it’s up on the social media accounts!

We can’t wait to see all your amazing videos and to share them with our wonderful followers!

Thank you again for the continued enthusiasm and support for Everything Under the Sun! Sending sunshine, Molly x

Listen today

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