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  • Molly Oldfield

Merry Christmas from Everything Under the Sun!

Merry Christmas to Everyone Under the Sun! If you're still looking for that perfect Christmas present for your little ones, look no further! You can buy my book 'Everything Under the Sun: a curious question for every day of the year' online here, or online and in store from my local bookshop Jaffé & Neale, or Daunt Books and Waterstones.

Plus get a signed bookplate to go with your book! All you need to do is send an email to [email protected] asking for a signed bookplate and giving the name of your child and your address and we can send one over!

And don't forget to listen to the podcast and send in any of your kids' curious questions for a chance to be featured on the show.

Here's a little preview of some of the Christmassy questions in the book... Who invented Christmas crackers? An English sweet-maker called Tom Smith invented Christmas crackers about 170 years ago. The story goes that he got the idea for the crackers’ “crack!” while watching logs crackling in his fireplace! Can reindeer see in the dark because the like carrots? You might leave carrots out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas’s reindeer, but it’s not actually the carrots that help reindeer to see in the dark. Reindeer are able to see a type of light called ultraviolet light, which helps them make their way around in the dark! They do love crunchy carrots, though!

Thank you for all of the questions that have already been sent in for my new book! Keep sending them in!

Click here to learn more about my book!

Wishing everyone a merry snowy December and Christmas, and a happy New Year! Thank you again for the continued enthusiasm and support for Everything Under the Sun! Sending sunshine, Molly x

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