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  • Molly Oldfield

Update from Everything Under the Sun for the New Year

A (belated) Happy New Year from Everything Under the Sun! I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year in Thailand where I collected lots of questions from little ones for the podcast and for my new book: Everywhere Under the Sun! Everywhere Under the Sun is the second book based on the podcast Everything Under the Sun filled with answers to kids' questions! The first book was so popular that we're putting a second book together at the moment with a more global twist! I still have about 85 questions left to answer for the new book so if you'd like your child's question to be included do send it over via email to For this last batch of answers, we're looking for questions with a global theme, especially about different celebrations all over the world from Holi to Valentine's day - so do send any curious queries about those my way! To find out more about the book and how to send in questions click HERE.

News from Thailand

Here's a bit more of what I got up to in Thailand... We recorded an episode of Everything Under the Sun where kids were able to come up and ask me their questions. We answered lots of questions including: "Where do monkeys go when it rains?" "Who invented boats?" and "Why are animals so shy?" Listen to the episode here! We also hosted a quiz night and had a mocktail party where all the kids had their books signed!

Book News!

In other amazing news... My book Everything Under the Sun has just come out in Spanish and Catalan! Here I am signing copies in Barcelona.

The book is also available in German, Dutch and Korean, and is now out in America!

Click here to learn more about my book!

Thank you again for the continued enthusiasm and support for Everything Under the Sun! Sending sunshine, Molly x

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